Simple tutorial for programmers

This site provides a tutorial on how to use RTF and SYLK files when generating output from a database or other application.

    1. RTF - Rich Text Format (Basics)

    2. RTF - Rich Text Format (Working with fonts and tabs)

    3. RTF - Rich Text Format (Working with tables)

    4. SYLK - SYmbolic LinK

Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) files
  1. Drawing a grid

  2. Drawing an arc

  3. Simple crest design as a SVG file. St. Ives High School (Class of '79) crest

Hardware design examples based on the Atmel 8-bit AVR Microcontrollers
  1. ATTiny 45 (Basics)

Arduino Projects and Tutorials
  1. Web form processing (tutorial)

Other how-to tutorial guides by example
  1. BASH script (Basics)

Other projects of Interest
  1. Formulas for solving finance math problems

  2. Weather Station reporting current conditions ( implementation)

  3. Trixbox (Asterisk PBX implementation)

  4. High speed photography. Slow motion effect with high speed video is shown with Newton's Cradle

  5. Photography

My favorite text editor is PFE. To view and edit a file at the byte level I use HexEdit. I do all my DOS programming with TurboPascal V3.02. For Windows and the Mac almost eveything I do can be expressed as a database so I use the ACI 4D product. This website was created with the Macromedia HomeSite 5 HTML Editor. I also find it useful to turn off the auto correct features within Word and also to turn off the spelling and grammer checking. More to come as I work through this development exercise. Comments Welcome

Tony Di Bona     (Updated - March 16, 2014)