Simple tutorial for Atmel 8-bit AVR Microcontrollers hobbyists

This site provides a tutorial on how to design and program the Atmel 8-bit AVR Microcontrollers. Below are notes on hardware consideration. All the software is written using the AVR Studio assembler which interfaces to the STK-500/600 development kit. Software and development kit allow you to load the software into the Atmel microcontroller, as well as set any fuses on the cip.

I was introducted to this series of microcontrollers through the (Instructables fireflies project). I modified the circuit slightly to use physically larger LEDs, 3 AAA batteries and a custom PCB.

Under development. Basic circuit and assembler code to follow.


Vendors - development boards

  1. Olimex (Development Baords)

  2. SparkFun (AVR programmers, parts)

Vendors - electronic components

  1. Mouser (Parts)

  2. Jameco (Parts)

  3. DigiKey (Parts)

Useful links to tools.

  1. Atmel AVR Studio 4 (Assembler, Simulator and Documents)

  2. STK-500 (Hardware programmer. Connects via serial link. The STK-600 connects via a USB link)

More to come as I work through this development exercise. Feedback and Comments Welcome

Tony Di Bona     (Updated - February 2011)